Introducing The Perfect Guest Doctor Who Writer

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Someone at the BBC needs to make this happen immediately: British writer, comedian and actor Stephen Fry still wants to write an episode of Doctor Who. If ever there was a perfect fit for the show, it's this man.

Talking at the British National Television Awards, Fry - who had to drop out of writing an episode of the show during Russell T. Davies' era as producer because of deadlines - said that he'd love a chance to try again:

The window passed, and I never really got round to it, [b]ut I'm very happy to have had the experience of thinking about it... I look forward so much to seeing Matt Smith and I'm sure he's going to be wonderful. If I get time it'll be a thrill, I can't think of anything nicer.


Never mind Michael Moorcock or Neil Gaiman: Fry's mix of intelligence, comedy and humanity makes him the ideal celebrity writer as far as we're concerned. Who do we have to beg to make this happen?

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