Inventec UMPCs Bring Curvaceous Contours to Mobile Computing

Inventec has just released images of two new UMPC units that it has set for the production line. The UMPC 7-A and the UMPC 5-D walked home with iF Design Awards honors, and from the images it is clear why. The curved construction of the UMPC 7-A is not done for looks alone; apparently, it will improve the viewing angle and give the keyboard a more ergonomic build than is usually permitted with a flat design. Jump for a shot of the more orthodox UMPC 5-D.


The guys at Unwired View have taken a stab at what the likely specification will be, and they are going with an Intel Menlow platform, 1.33 with 45-nm 800 MHz-1.33 GHz Silverthone CPU, Poulsbo US15 chipset, 1-2 GB of RAM and 30-60 GB HDD. We should not think they are too far off the mark. Either way, with Inventec being a member of Intel's Mobile Internet Device Innovation Alliance, you can bet these UMPCs will be taking form soon enough, so guesswork won't be needed for long. [Unwired View]

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