Invisible Hand Plug-In Points Out Better Deals

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I try to keep my FireFox plug-ins streamlined, but after testing Invisible Hand only this morning, I'm addicted to its unobtrusive, deal-finding prowess.


Say you want to buy a new Sharp LCD. You pick out a model on Amazon or Best Buy, and while you're inspecting the product page, a small drop-down may inform you that (or one of 50 other comparison stores) has the television for 1% cheaper than where you were shopping.

It's not the only plug-in of its kind, and I was able to beat that tested deal pictured above by searching myself, but the visually quiet interface may keep you from uninstalling the thing by the end of the week.

As an Amazon addict (on small purchases), I've basically sold my soul for convenience, accepting that 5 minutes of googling may have saved me 20 cents. But having the comparison shopping cruising in the background...we'll see whether or not I reassess that position (whether I'm cheaper than I am lazy). [Invisible Hand via Red Ferret via LifeHacker]



This tool is useless to me unless it can search google shopping, ebay, amazon, price comparison websites, and a general search for model numbers on google itself. That is how I find the best deal on things. I just bought a dishwasher and flattop range for $1692 that would have been $1972 locally and $1834 on some of the price comparison sites I frequent. Good thing I kept searching a bit and saved $240 over local and $142 over some of the most popular price comparison sites.

Edit: Not to mention finding an extended inhome service contract for $65 each for 5 years instead of $260+ each from Sears or elsewhere. I've used WarranTech in the past, and while slow to reimburse, they did work and I wasn't out the cost of the repair which was hundreds more than the cost of the extended service agreement.