Photo: Twitter/@vince_barter

On Thursday, T-Mobile sent out an alert warning customers using the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6 SE not to download the new iOS 10 update due to “intermittent connectivity issues.” Once updated, the phones are reportedly losing their connections until they’ve been restarted—a solution T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray suggested as a temporary fix.

According to the company’s official Twitter account, Apple is currently working on an update for the affected phones and hopes to resolve the issue “within the next 48 hours.” In the meantime, T-Mobile customers are using that same Twitter account to let the carrier know exactly how they feel.

To the credit of T-Mobile (and their social media managers), it’s not clear who’s responsible for the glitch, but the company is addressing even the most abusive complaints with remarkable composure. Still, it might be nice to let your customers know about a connection-killing error sooner rather than later.


Asked what was causing the error and whether it was seen in testing prior to the release of iOS 10, T-Mobile told Gizmodo they didn’t “have anything to add” to what the company’s executives had already said on Twitter.