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iOS 5 Code Hints at Built-in iPhone Panoramic Camera

Illustration for article titled iOS 5 Code Hints at Built-in iPhone Panoramic Camera

Life just keeps getting better for you iOS'ers out there. A photo from 9 to 5 Mac shows code that would add a panoramic camera mode to iOS 5's final release. And the good news doesn't stop with pano-capabilities. iOS 5 is also built to play HD videos in full 1080p, something that's all too appropriate if they're going to implement retina display in their future iPads. [9 to 5 Mac and Business Insider]


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Panoramic mode like my SE w580i feature phone had in 2006?

Panoramic mode like my Samsung Galaxy S had last year?

And 1080p viewing like just about everyone else now too?

Man, I'm beginning to think that Samsung's counter-suit stating that Apple is stealing intellectual property from them also has a bit more to it than I originally thought.