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iOS 7 Will Let You Take Secret Screenshots of Your Sexy Snapchats

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fellow sexters or those who like self-destructing pictures and videos, ya better listen up. Snapchat and iOS 7 might have a wee bit of a problem because in iOS 7 you can screenshot Snapchat photos without ever alerting the original person. Basically, you can screenshot without ever getting caught.

Currently, when you screenshot a photo in Snapchat, the original person who sent the Snapchat is alerted that you've taken one. The alert system is basically the equivalent of seeing someone on security camera footage at the scene of the crime. But in iOS 7 that screenshot alert won't exist because iOS 7 is changing how the iPhone handles screenshots. MacRumors found this key line in the release notes of iOS 7 beta 2:

"Active touches are no longer canceled when the user takes a screenshot."

This one sentence changes how Snapchat can determine whether a user took a screenshot or not. Currently, Snapchat relies on the act of a screenshot canceling an active on-screen touch to know if you took a screen shot or not. Without that canceling, Snapchat will never know you just screenshoted a picture that was only supposed to last 10 seconds.


There have been other workarounds the screenshot notification feature in Snapchat but as it stands right now, if iOS 6 users send Snapchats to iOS 7 users, iOS 7 users can save all their Snapchats without anyone from iOS 6 ever knowing. It's open season for saving sexts! It's Permanentchat now! And... it's obviously way too early to proclaim that Snapchat is going to lose its ephemeral uniqueness since iOS 7 is still in beta but it's something Snapchat will have to look at fixing as iOS 7 gets closer to final release.


Happy snapping (and screenshotting) everyone. [MacRumors]