iPad Apps 10/8

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PlainText: A Dropbox-enhanced text text editor from the makers of the inimitable WriteRoom, PlainText takes the same minimalist approach as apps like Writer and Elements but does it for a minimalist price: Free.

Paprika Recipe Manager: The iPad is a chef's best friend, and all it was missing was a simple, dedicated way to pull in recipes from disparate sources, organize them, and present them in a clean, nice-looking way. Well, that thing I just described is Paprika Recipe Manager, a beautiful, simple app for pulling in recipes (from your collection or the internet), sorting them into useful categories, and pulling them up when it's time to cook. Noted food-related iPad app critic My Mom says it's great, and that's gotta be good for something. $10.


Esquire: Esquire, a magazine with a rich visual history, makes a pretty splashy debut into tabletland (and one that shows that Hearst isn't going to just settle for the tablet vision laid out by Popular Mechanics). There's nothing too radical here—some inline footnotes, some video content, some photos you can move around—but it seems like playing it safe isn't the worst thing an established mag can do when they're testing the waters here. $5


Across Age HD: Zelda fans will find plenty of familiar elements in Across Age HD, a cute new adventure/puzzle RPG, and there are a lot worse sources you could draw inspiration from than Zelda. A nice mix of puzzles, combat, and narrative that made me long for my Genesis for the first time in a while. A little bit crashy for now, though, but not enough to be a dealbreaker. $8.