iPad Pro 9.7 Teardown: This Thing Is Very, Very Full

The new small iPad Pro was announced last month and now iFixit has taken a look inside. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this thing is full to the brim with components.

It should perhaps come as no surprise that the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is jam-packed, squeezing in as it does pretty much the same contents as its larger sibling into a much smaller frame. And as a result it’s running at capacity: Even its camera, borrowed from the iPhone 6S, is forced to bulge out like it does on the iPhone. In fact, iFixit points out that squeezing in the hardware, with four speakers and large quantities of battery cells among other items of bulk, has required “some weird cabling” that makes it “kind of a mess.” It turns out that this smaller iPad Pro actually contains a battery rated at 27.91 Whr—about the same as the iPad Air 2's 27.62 Whr but less than the larger iPad Pro’s 38.8 Whr.


So, little revolutionary from Apple in the smaller iPad Pro—but some very smart packing along the way.


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