iPads Helped Direct I Am Number Four

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From the sounds of director DJ Caruso's remarks on the iPad, the tablet did everything on the set of upcoming sci-fi flick I Am Number Four but order coffee and belittle the extras.

He gushes:

"Well I think people who are making movies now, I can't imagine they're not doing it [using the iPad] because, I've got to tell you, I've got every previz thing on there, I have every storyboard on there, I have every script and every script note," he said. "I make my shot list on there and from that shot list I just send it... it's become an amazing tool and I never would have thought it would have kicked in that fast. In fact, I talked to Steven, because I was sending him something from my iPad and he sent something back from his iPad and I thought, 'Oh you got one!' and he's like, 'Yeah.' and I told him all these things I was using and he was like, 'Which apps do you have?' so here you are sending back which apps you have to Steven Spielberg. everyone's starting to use it because it really is an amazing tool."


Of course, if the movie ends up not doing well this will all be moot, and everyone who currently hates the iPad (or tablets) will set the Internet afire with comments, posts and commentary that lets everyone know it. [JSYK via TUAW]

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I'm gonna use my iPad to direct my debut film: I Am Going Number Two. It's a contemporary piece, about me pooping.