iPhone 4 Owners Who Refused a Free Bumper Can Now Claim $15

Illustration for article titled iPhone 4 Owners Who Refused a Free Bumper Can Now Claim $15

Good news for iPhone 4 users who prefer to let their handset roam naked: It's now possible to claim a $15 settlement in lieu of the free bumper that Apple gave away over the antennagate debacle.

Some restrictions apply, of course. To be eligible, you must have experienced antenna issues, been unable to return your phone without incurring costs, didn't want to put on a bumper or case and either completed troubleshooting or no longer own the phone.


Still, if you can tick all those boxes, head over to the class action settlement website, fill in your details, and wait for the check. [iPhone4settlement.com via Engadget]

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$15 to cover all those those dropped calls, and all the frustration connection problems caused? They call this a settlement, it's a joke. My cousin threw his iPhone at the wall after it dropped a very important call...

They should really publicly apologize for misleading consumers and also for telling them "you are holding it wrong"