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iPhone 4s Are Shipping Now

Illustration for article titled iPhone 4s Are Shipping Now

We've got multiple tips about iPhone 4s shipping out to pre-order customers now. Here's reader George's, which says he's getting his on the 23rd (rather than the 24th). Reader Alex also says the same. Thanks tipsters!


Update: AT&T is shipping them out too.

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Goger Roodell

So does the shipping confirmation come in the form of an e-mail or what? I pre ordered mine about 8 that night and haven't seen anything.

I made a big mistake when ordering mine and instead of setting up a Apple ID and account I just bought the thing as a guest. Now I can not get into the order to change anything or really check it out. I called and asked how to set an account up and tie it to the purchase and the guy I talked to was an idiot. He basically just told me to go to which I did and it turns out to be the page you go to if you forget your password. So I have the order number and confirmation e-mail but apparently I can't get in to see shit. I know it was my own dumb mistake but I had someone else paying for it on their credit card as a gift and was trying to avoid opening an account for them.

Sorry for the repost.