iPhone Apps We Love: Tris - Free iPhone Tetris

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EA's version of Tetris was fine. There was nothing hugely wrong with it, except that $10 price. And since we've all paid for Tetris before on one platform or another, we'll gladly settle for the iPhone's free version of Tetris called Tris. Move pieces by sliding your finger back and forth and rotate them by tapping anywhere on the screen. The controls are quite responsive and, yes, the entire design feels like Tetris.Some updates we'd like to see in a 1.1 version include line completion animation and the ability to rotate pieces before they are wholly on screen (whether or not this is an official break of Tetris rules, tapping just doesn't do the job when you are stacked high on the board). Still, very, very solid showing. Here's a clip of the game in motion that, as the pre-pubescent voice will reveal, we did not record:Quick! Everyone download it before EA and Russia team up to sue the developer! [Tris]

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Ok, actually got to play it. I don't think I can keep playing it. It doesn't allow sliding upon touching a piece. That's a totally vital move for when you need to fill gaps! I don't need the super-spin thing that keeps it going, but I do need to be able to continue moving it for that fraction of a second before it's considered "locked" into place.

Oh well =/ Guess i'll keep waiting for another clone, or hope for an update.