iPhone Gets MMS, Apple/AT&T Instantly Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over Said MMS

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Apple class-action lawsuit, case file #23423: A Minnesota iPhone owner joined a class-action lawsuit to punish Apple and AT&T for failing to provide MMS by "late summer" as promised. Evidence: MMS came out post-Labor-Day, which is officially autumn. The horror!

Kyle Irving of Minneapolis was told he would have MMS when he purchased his iPhone in late June, yet it took another two months to arrive, which surely is a crime heinous enough to warrant yet another go-nowhere class-action lawsuit. The Minnesota suit will be grouped with similar suits from other states, though it's not clear exactly how much money in damages is being sought.

Not to make light of AT&T's inability to get MMS, a long-established and fairly basic feature, onto its top-selling phone, but suing for having to go two months without MMS is awfully silly. [Twin Cities, thanks Ponies!]