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iPhone Hits Germany November 9

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Starting November 9th, it'll be Germany's turn to embrace or reject Apple's iPhone, and T-Mobile will be the provider. Contrary to hopes of a 3G iPhone in Europe, just like here in U.S., the phones will start out using the EDGE network for data, and Wi-Fi will speed things up if there are any hotspots in the vicinity. Hit the jump for pricing details.


Germans will pay €399 ($575) for the 8GB iPhone, along with a €25 ($36) activation fee, and these prices are in effect with a two-year contract. Calling plans will start at €49 ($71) per month, and except for that higher pricing, are similar to those in the U.S. [Apple Germany]

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I keep waiting for the iPhone to come to Canada. But the only likely carrier is Rogers, and their data rates are still so high you'd have to choose between having an iPhone and buying food for your dog each month.

(Mind you, the iPhone probably wouldn't leave as many puddles on the floor.....)