iPhone Music Game Tap Tap Revenge Hits the Floor In Sequel Tap Tap Dance

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The most popular free iPhone game of the year has gotten a full overhaul with more Open GL goodness, more frantic Guitar-Hero-inspired music tapping, and most importantly, more Daft Punk.


After initially feeling the burn of Apple's SDK restrictions (not allowing access to a user's own iPod tracks, like in the jailbreak version of old), developers Tapulous have hit a nerve with Tap Tap Revenge, which is now released weekly with new songs from big-label artists like Q-Tip and NIN.

Tap Tap Dance, as its name would suggest, focuses more on the electro bangers, which suits the tapping just fine. More importantly, though, the game is based on an all-new OpenGL-based platform that allows for more variety not just in crazy background graphics, but in changing the layout of the tapping tracks themselves which is a nice switch up in game play. Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem says that the platform also allows for embedded video for even more craziness in the background eventually and interactive music videos of sorts.

Adding embedded video and more craziness might lead to slowdowns, which in a rhythm game is a no-no. The version we played can get a little jerky at times, but on the whole is smooth and looks great. Tap Tap Dance is $5, but the free version will continue to receive its weekly updates and new tracks, and will eventually be ported over to the new Open GL framework itself next year.


Tap Tap Dance's complete song list:

- Technologic by Daft Punk
- Zdarlight by Digitalism
- Phantom Pt II (Soulwax Remix) by Justice
- Stratosphere by Junkie XL
- Disco Lies (Remix) by Moby
- Midnight Madness by The Chemical Brothers
- Goldrush by Tiesto
- Compressor by Soul Magic Orchestra (Exclusive)
- Where's Your Head At by Basement Jaxx
- Daylight (Exclusive Morgan Page Remix) by Sunny Levine


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What I don't get is that Phase was allowed access to the iPod library, and this isn't.