The iPhone Calamari commercial was tantalizing enough to tempt our own Brian Lam to write up a seafood craving post of his own. But apparently he wasn't the only one jonesing for the stuff after seeing Apple's ad, as the commercial's featured restaurant, Pacific Catch, was forced to add the dish to their menu because it was never there in the first place. This from SFGate:

It's been a busy time for CEO Keith Cox and his crew at Pacific Catch. For the last few weeks, the restaurant has been featured in ads for Apple's new iPhone as a place to go if you're jonesing for for calamari.

Turns out, Cox says, that calamari was only an occasional special at the Corte Madera branch (133 Town Center). When the calls — up to 100 a day — started coming in, executive chef Aaron Noveshen quickly put it on the menu.


That's the magic of the iPhone. If you want calamari, it won't just find you a restaurant with the stuff—it will force every eatery within 5 miles to change their menu to your liking.


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