iPhone Roundup: True Cost, 3D, and Ringtones!

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

For the sake of not bombarding you with 25 iPhone stories today (too late?), here's a summary of all the goodness we've found in the last 48 hours.


First off, someone took all the images on the Apple site and modelled it up into a 3D gif. Neat, eh?

But how much will you really pay for the iPhone in the first year? Counting the $640 for the phone ($599 + tax), a $60 voice plan, a $40 data plan, and $8 worth of fees, you're looking at $1,936 in just the first year. Yikes. Then again, you're paying around that much if you get a regular smartphone with the same data plans, but this may be a shock to the "average" consumer who isn't used to getting data.

Think you're going to be getting the entire 4GB or 8GB on your iPhone for music and videos? Think again. Apple's going to be using 500MB of that to store the OS (slimmed down version of OSX), so you're only going to be getting 3.5GB or 7.5GB. Even less if you're considering the apps that are installed there—if the apps aren't considered part of the OS.

Also, more importantly, users won't be able to use iTunes songs as ringtones. At least, not at launch. We're sure Apple's gotta work out stuff with Cingular and the music industry, since using songs you already bought as ringtones makes it pretty hard to justify buying the same song again just to use as a ringtone—something that's turning out to be a pretty big money source for both providers and the music industry.

And has Cisco lost the rights to the iPhone? According to a trademark law expert, Cisco had to file a Declaration of Use for the trademark before the sixth anniversary of the registration date. Since they registered on 11/16/99, the sixth anniversary would have been 11/16/05. Since they didn't do so, they may in fact have lost their right for exclusive use of the iPhone trademark.

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The $2000 first year estimate may actually be low, folks. Keep in mind that data pricing is made for businesses who really do not sweat costs like twelve hundred bucks a year in data charges. The iPhone is made for a consumer, and does anyone actually believe that Cingular is going to change their data plans to make them affordable to Joe Consumer? Keep in mind that if they lower the data price for iPhone purchases, they would have to lower it for businesses, too. Don't count on the pricing model changing much.

I have said it before, and I am an obnoxious fool that will say it again: The reason there is not a consumer smart phone on the market is because Joe Consumer can not afford them. You can bet that Apple will sell every iPhone they can make in 2007 because it is 'cool'. In 2008? That is when the iCrap hits the iPhone as consumers realize that it is not something they can afford.

Either that, or Cingular changes their data pricing model dramatically. Don't hold your breath for that, however.