Everytime someone asks me what I'm waiting in line for, I die a little death. It's 10pm here, and mercifully, the wind has been tame. The northwest/southeast config of Stockton street just works this way. The line is about 45 deep. And there is this guy I camped out with at Final Fantasy Fan Day with in 2001, and he won't shut up. (I wish I hadn't admitted that.)

I gave Stanely Michael Jackson (homeless guy) 2 bucks, and he friggin lost it playing dice. That money was clearly for beer and beer only. Guy behind me is smoking and selling a lot of weed. And he has a giant boom box. That's all for now. More updates through the night. If it gets too boring, I will start a fight with someone smaller than me, probably the crackhead who JUST PUT BATTERIES IN HIS FUCKING BOOMBOX. [iPhone SF Campout Live Video, AIM me at lnelyiphoneboy30]