I love the smell of iPhone in the morning. I got about 3 hours of sleep. Shook like a leaf when I woke, cold, despite the metallic emergency blanket's insulation. The Justin.tv lifecam is still running and so is my Macbook, thanks to the Wifi (instead of the usual and hungrier EVDO.) But i've got about 20 minutes left on each, and my brain can't quite get the words together.

This lady from NBC started at 4AM — the hardest working local news person I've seen in awhile. But lady. You do realize you can't beat me. I've been here all night. And when you interview me, I'm broadcasting everything you say in real time. I'm really interviewing you. I'm going to get the ocean so I can resume IM duties. And I'm going to swap out batteries before the lappies poop out.


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