iPhone Will Get Adobe Flash Soon, If Apple Says OK

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If you're still clamoring for Adobe Flash support to get Hulu on your iPhone, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that Adobe Senior Director of Engineering Paul Betlem says that as soon as Apple approves it, it would be out "in a very short time." The bad news is that that's pretty much what the situation was a few months ago, so that's not really saying a whole lot. If it's spiffy enough to match Steve's criticisms, then maybe there's some hope, but the ball is in Apple's court, and it's been gathering dust there for a while. [AppleInsider]



You know how to get around all these arguments about battery life and Ads?

First, get Flash ported to the iPhone, THEN make it user friendly. Allow the user to enable it whenver they want.

i.e.: I go to a page that has a ton of Flash Ads, but flash isn't automatically enabled. If I don't click and approve all the links, they aren't active, thus not using my battery life. But if I find a video on that page that I want to see, I tap the video, it asks me if I want to enable flash for it, I say yes, it lets it though the filter and thus I can use flash.

If a whole site is a flash site, I can select from the newly refurbished Safari 2.0 for iPhone, to enable flash for the site, and VOILA! The flash site works on my iPhone!

If Apple is so concerned about the user experience, allow it in and then as part of the deal, allow Apple to meddle with it's interface to allow it to work to their specifications. I know that there should be more autonomy on the iPhone, but when withholding something as Vital as flash is to the internet, if the only wayt to get it approved is to make a minor deal with the devil, you make that deal and get your lawyers to even it out in the end.

Simple logic.