Steve Jobs Craps on Adobe Mobile Flash, Does Not Bode Well for iPhone Support

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Everybody agrees that Safari Mobile on the iPhone is pretty much the best way to surf the web on a mobile phone save one issue: no Flash support. This annoying little hangup prevents pretty much all video sites from working, save a tiny selection of YouTube videos, and seriously hinders the functionality of sites that use Flash heavily. You'd think that adding Flash support would be at the top of Apple's list of things to do, but from what Jobso has been saying it looks like we shouldn't hold our breath.


Essentially, Jobs said yesterday that Mobile Flash is too wussy for the iPhone and regular Flash is too beefy. He wants Adobe to make a Goldilocks-esque middle version that'd be juuuuust right for the iPhone. Funny, Mobile Flash seems to work OK on all of the other phones that it's installed on. I'm sure we could make do with it on the precious iPhone.

It's pretty disappointing, especially with the SDK news due to drop tomorrow that many assumed would bring Flash support along with it. There's certainly still a chance that we'll be surprised and will receive it, but it looks like Jobs would rather make us wait by throwing his weight around and forcing Adobe to develop a whole new version of Flash just for his oh-so-special phone. Thanks for thinking of the consumers, Steve! You're so great! [CNN via Boy Genius Report]


What are these sites that require Flash that everybody here is so eager to visit with the iPhone ? (although I have a feeling that the bulk of the people complaining about the lack of Flash on the iPhone don't even have an iPhone)

I've owned an iPhone for a good 5 months now, and although I'm not a heavy web surfer on the iPhone, I've used my share of Safari on it, and I've yet to come across a website where I was like "Shit, I'm missing crucial content here because I don't have Flash."

The only exception to that was YouTube (when there still was a lot of videos you couldn't find on the iPhone/YouTube application).

So, in conclusion, I agree that for the sake of completion, it would be nice to have some Flash support, I also agree that it's not critical, because I certainly am not missing Flash right now.