iPhone's First Native P2P Torrent App is Up and Running

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Core, an iPhone Hacker with mad hacking skills, has managed to port to the iPhone a functioning P2P client based on Transmission, which is a popular torrent app for Macs. This is the first time P2P torrent software has run natively on the iPhone, and the prospect has us in tizzy fits of excitement.


Tests have been carried out, and they have worked a charm. However, before you guys go nuts about downloading completely legal torrent files, there are some things you should know:

• This is a command line client at present, and although someone will chuck a GUI on it in the near future, steer clear unless you can handle messing with terminal.

• EDGE and P2P will screw your shit up. If you plan to get your download on, it's WiFi all the way.

• If you start a download immediately before having sex, your iPhone's battery will be dead before you are finished; i.e. torrenting will drain your battery extremely rapidly.

• You won't see this up in installer.app, hit through on the link for further instructions.

All that aside, this is a neat development and bodes well for the post-SDK era. If anyone does give this one a go, let us know how you get on. [Wickedpsyched via TUAW]


I've been increasingly thinking lately about how much I'd love to have a little box that I can plug a single power cable into, stick in the corner, and access (preferably via a Bonjour app on any computer on the network) to give it torrent files to download. And it would just sit there, wirelessly downloading them to some internal storage. And then I'd copy them over to my computer after.

Then I could free up CPU resources and hard drive space on my computer, and not have to leave my whole computer on overnight just to deal with torrents. It would be so easy, convenient, and efficient. Why hasn't it been done yet?

Get this running on an iPod Touch and you have a total overkill solution (well, without the luxury wireless torrent setup) for $300. For some reason that's the best we have right now, so no need in bashing it.