The iPod classic and nano have just been upgraded to software version 1.0.2, and with it comes an enhanced Cover Flow feature, improved handling of video-out and bug fixes to Calendar and Contacts synchronization.

Cover Flow now loses some of its simplistic design in favour of a closer rendition to the iTunes layout. Album art and names are a little better adapted than previously, and the changes seemed to have made the lagging issue less noticeable. That is a great for now, but we would like to see the slow down lost completely.


The TV Out lock has been partially eliminated; the new options allow you to choose between 'On', 'Off' or 'Ask'. With the settings on either 'On' or 'Ask,' a prompt occurs prior to playback requesting a connection to an Apple authorized accessory. The guys at iLounge managed to get video playback working by starting with an authorized accessory, and then switching across to a non-official device. Sadly, it didn't "just work," and seems far from a workable solution to us. The upgrade is available for download now. [iLounge]