iPod Scroll Wheel Illumination Patent Shows Two Finger Control

Apple's in the midst of shoving multi-touch into every single thing they own, which means that this patent for a two-fingered iPod scroll wheel seems quite likely to come to fruition. Besides allowing you to do the "Churchill", the patent details an illumination of the wheel as your finger passes by, possibly making a comet or a little pie shape under your pointer. Pretty neat to see what you're doing in the dark, but ultimately just only a slight upgrade to what they already have. Mmmm, pie. [iPodNN]


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I personally like the scroll wheel, and prior to that I've been using all sorts of little assorted gizmos with dials and switches here and there, and it's my favorite control mechanism so far (and I also use a Zune30 d-pad to compare) Multitouch seems like a rather useless add-on to the regular single point input on the original design. If it can be used to zoom in on photos, that's SORT of cool, but then there are ways to do that without multitouch I'm sure.