iRiver Turns Cheap and Cheerful With Siren DP10T

The second iRiver to bear the Siren moniker, titled the Siren DP10T, is set for release in Japan and will be priced at a rock-bottom 3890Yen (approx. $35). The DP10T will have a 1GB option only, 128 x 32 white backlight display, MP3/WMA/WMA-DRM10/WAV support, 18 hours playback from 1 x AAA battery and weighs in at a slight 40.5g.

The specifications are not going to get you into a frenzy, but given iRiver's first Siren branded model, it seems this branch of iRiver will be targeted to the lower end of the market only. Though this genre of tiny MP3 players tend to remind us of our manhood, we do like the simplicity of the designs, even in light of all the painful connotations attributed to their size. There is no release date or pricing info state side as yet, don't hold your breath, perhaps we could interest you in a Sansa Clip? [The MP3 Players]


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