Sansa Clip MP3 Player, Clippy Little Tyke

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Finally, get the clip without losing your foreskin! The Sansa Clip will have tiny MP3 players running scared; the Shuffle and the Zen Stone better watch out, as the little Clip is set to show them a thing or two in miniscule music playback. Jump for the details.

Available in both 1GB and 2GB varieties the storage size is standard in the field, what is not standard is the inclusion of an FM radio, OLED screen, voice recorder and a more than reasonable 15 hour battery life. Playback formats supported will be MP3 and WMA only, but at $40 (1GB) and $60 (2GB), what are you complaining about? The small guy with big tricks is set for a September debut in those fun colours of black, red, blue and our favourite, pink. At this rate the Sansa Clip may even have a certain fatty running scared. That's right, run faster you fat-ass, Sansa's onto you! [Audio Junkies].