Is AT&T's Smallest Data Plan the Worst Deal in Tech?

AT&T's got some new shared data plans that, thankfully, look a lot simpler than Verizon's. Shared data is a good thing that makes your life simpler. But every time you look at AT&T's page, it's hard not to stare at that absurd little 250MB plan.


The $15 250MB data plan is preposterous in a few ways. First: It's 250MB. If you open the Netflix app with your butt, you're going to have an overage charge. Second, it's half the price of the 3GB plan. Half price, ONE TWELFTH the data. Gah. And lastly, the overage charge is $15 for 250 more megabytes. It's $10 for 1GB on the reasonably priced 3GB and 5GB plans. AT&T: charging more for the privilege of being charged less. And lastly? It's a shared plan now. Two devices, at least. Offering the 250MB level for shared plans is just trolling for overages.

The only thing more insane might be the the $20 300MB plan. $5 for 50 more megabytes. Ugh AT&T why are you like this.

Do any of you make good use out of the $15 plan?

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