Is Flash Forward The Winner Of Fall TV Already?

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Polling by Nielsen has offered up a hint of how anticipated this year's new slate of television shows are, and it's looking like Flash Forward has reason to celebrate... but is it the only SF show that does?

Nikki Finke summarized Nielsen's findings, and ABC's Forward and the CW's The Vampire Diaries were the only genre shows represented. We're hoping that this can be chalked up to a smaller-than-usual slate of new genre shows (Some of our most anticipated new shows, like Day One and V won't make it to air until 2010), and taking some solace in the fact that Flash Forward had "strong intent-to-view sentiment among those aware of this show." Considering that ABC is only really starting to get the word out about the show now, despite offering teaser ads (without the show's title) back during May's Lost season finale, this bodes well for the series' premiere ratings. Vampire Diaries also has strong intent-to-view, but its home on the CW means that even a strong translation from awareness to viewers is still going to result in smaller audiences than other networks.


Flash Forward premieres September 24th at 8pm on ABC. The Vampire Diaries premieres September 10th at 8pm on the CW, followed by the season premiere of Supernatural at 9.

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