Is Google Glass the future of home cooking?

I know I will never use Google Glassuntil it becomes an invisible part of my eyeglasses but I just realized that teaching people how to cook may be a great application for it. Imagine it: Instead of having to look at your tablet or laptop, you can follow recipes without taking your eyes from your hands. So easy.

I cook every day, many times following the delicious recipes presented by David de Jorge—aka Robin Food—an amazing basque cook who swears like a pirate and used to be chief chef with 7-Michelin Star restaurateur Martín Berasategui (Berasategui cooks in his program every Thursday, which is something fantastic for a food sucker like myself.) It's the only cooking program I watch, in fact—it's that good (plus sometimes I miss Spain terribly and his hilarious dialogs and yummy recipes are my only way to live the joie the vivre that is the true soul of that part of the world.)

I normally watch his antics before cooking, as I prepare the mise en place—the ingredients setup—or just late at night, but I know most people follow cooking programs while watching them. I'm pretty sure that those people would prefer to use Google Glass to watch a recipe unfold as they follow it, rather than having to look away from their saucepans and pots.


How can this work? This video is very gimmicky, but it can help you to imagine it. You can see Roy Choi—founder of famed Korean Mexican taco truck fleet Kogi BBQ—cooking while consulting a list of ingredients, picking a call, and filming what he's doing. It's all fake and staged, but whatever—it works.

I don't know if Google Glass is the future of home cooking—or the future of anything, I still think it's dumb 99-percent of the time—but perhaps it may help the people who get anxious in the kitchen to give it a try and learn the joy of cooking and sharing food with the people you love, one of the best things you can do in this pale blue dot called Earth.

And for that, in my book, Google Glass gets at least one brownie point.

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Google Glass, or more accurately the technologies represented in it, are the future of EVERYTHING and there's nothing that people like Sam Biddle can do about it.

Within 10 years the majority of people will have & use wearable computers as they go about their daily lives, likely recording every moment in some form. It will be an integral (and invaluable) part of our lives. We as a society will look upon businesses that banned Google Glass and the people who so love the word "glasshole" with disdain and/or pity similar to how people today look upon people who insisted the world was flat.