Is the Asus EcoBook the Hippiest Laptop Ever?

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When we took our first look at the Asus EcoBook back in March, we knew the laptop was going to be constructed out of bamboo but we didn't know much else. Now we know that it's probably going to be the greenest laptop available to date. Here's why:

Not only is the outside covered in bamboo, the inside is all plastic and recyclable. Plus, all the parts are labeled and lined with cardboard, and there are no "paints, sprays, or even electroplating," which means it's even more eco-friendly. Add to that the ability—like the Asus C90—to be user-upgradeable, you've got yourself minimal waste and maximum recyclage.


Hippies take note. This is the laptop you want.

Cnet Photos [CNET via Treehugger]

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Debbie Notkin

You know, it's harder to be auditioned if "Please told Apple" passes the test.

That being said, I wanted to say that taking the position that "green" is entirely a "hippie" value is silly and counterproductive. There are fundamentalist Christian green movements. There are corporate green movements. Al Gore, hardly a hippie, is the world champion at the moment.

Can we get out of this very narrow box of who wants green products, please?