Is there a time traveler in this video from 1928?

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Could this woman in the background at a Charlie Chaplin movie premiere in 1928 be a time traveler barking into a cell phone that's on the cross-temporal 12G network?

A few days ago, Irish filmmaker George Clarke announced he'd discovered the time traveler - a woman who appears to be talking to her cell phone - in the DVD extras for Charlie Chaplin's film The Circus. The footage shows people lining up for the premiere of Chaplin's movie, and this woman was captured randomly in a shot that swept the crowd. He posted it on YouTube and it exploded into memehood.

Today Clarke defended his theory of time travel against naysayers who felt that no self-respecting history surfer would go to a Chaplin premiere:

Who says the person in question went back to see the Chaplin premiere? How about, the person went back to an earlier period and got stuck there or was in town doing something else and just happened to stroll on by?


Well there you go. Still doesn't explain how she got hold of that phone that Doctor Who gave to Rose.