Is This Modern Shelf Just a Rip-Off of KerPlunk?

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We can't help but draw comparisons between Julien Vidame's Parallel Bars Bookshelf—created from just a couple of pieces of plexiglass with strategically drilled holes and an array of anodized aluminum tubes— and that classic kids' game KerPlunk.

In fact, were it not for the fact that marbles are small enough to fit between the tubes on this shelf, we might even consider it an extra-large version of KerPlunk designed for grownups. But who says you have to play with marbles when baseballs seem like they'd be a perfect substitute here? And it's about time too, as we were getting tired of re-assembling our Jenga shelf after it comes crashing to the floor every few days. [Julien Vidame via Notcot]

Image courtesy Londonclanger/Wikipedia