Is This the Most Elaborate Way To Hide a Flat Screen TV?

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We understand that not every decor can accommodate a big flat screen TV mounted to the wall. But the TV Tank, which hides your flatscreen behind a giant aquarium, is like trying to conceal an Austin Mini behind a Lamborghini. It's still going to draw attention.

Starting at just over a mere $11,000, the TV Tank includes everything you need to sustain a thriving school of fish and lift a TV into the air once your underwater pets get boring. It doesn't, however, include a TV; you'll need to add that, and probably water and fish, yourself. Also, we would have maybe even preferred the option of being able to watch TV through the fish without raising the set above the tank. There's a countless number of sitcoms that would be vastly improved with a goldfish or two added to the cast.


[Picture House via Geekologie]