Is This Video of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Motion Controls?

The first meaty rumors of the Xbox 360 using full-body motion controls—without a controller—are pretty interesting, since Microsoft showed us their "write in the air" tech a couple months ago, complete with Xbox logo:

Microsoft showed off a "Write in the Air" system developed in China. You can write with a gyro controller or in thin air, using a camera. Is it next for the Xbox?

You can't help but notice the giant Xbox logo there on the screen, and the researcher I talked to said that it would be a great system for the Xbox or for Microsoft interactive TV. Still, when I pressed him, he said he didn't know of any immediate plans. Whatever, it makes sense, except maybe the part where he grabs an orange and uses it as a stylus.


If the rumors are true, the orange makes a lot more sense now, don't it? Not that I'm any less skeptical of these kind of controls actually working for gamers in the real world. PSEye, anyone? [Giz@Microsoft TechFest]



Strange at 2secs left he's got what looks like Logitech or PS? controller. WTG Mjr. Nelson