Is Your Nexus 7's Screen Loose?

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Google's new Nexus 7 is a great little tablet, but it may have bigger problems than being difficult to unpack: we're hearing reports that suggest many of the devices have a loose screen.


Phandroid reports that, in some cases, the screen creaks whenever pressure is applied to it. Over time, some users have even reported that the glass begins to protrude over the edge of the bezel. A thread on XDA Developers suggests that it's easy enough to fix by taking off the back and tightening a couple of screws, though. Is your screen loose? Have you tried the fix? [Phandroid, XDA Developers]


Halba Sus

No, because Google is a noob when it comes to selling hardware and in Europe we won't get our hands on this tablet until september or whenever it'l start to sell here (some report october). I feel like waiting for my raspberry pi all over again.