Is Zack Snyder trying to "Avatar-ize" the new Superman movie?

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Rumor has it director Zack Snyder visited Avatar's special effects crew, because he wants his version of Superman — rumored to be Watchmen's Matthew Goode — to be fully CG. Has Snyder been smoking the Ava-crack?

Movienewz is reporting that director Snyder, "has plans to rely heavily on CGI for the Man of Steel." Which we can only imagine would mean Goode in the flesh for all of the Clark Kent shots, and some sort of Green Lantern-meets-Avatar CG nonsense when he's kicking butt as the Man Of Steel.


Adds IGN:

We at IGN have been hearing talk of a CG-enhanced Superman as well. In fact, our sources claim that Snyder stopped by to meet with the effects folks behind Avatar recently to check out their techniques, which kind of/sort of suggests that he's interested in Avatar-izing his Man of Steel.


Seeing as how everyone is complaining about the Green Lantern suit looking just a wee bit "off," we're not sure how the public is going to respond to this — or if the story is even true for that matter. That being said, it makes complete sense that Snyder would be ready to play with a full CG-body. His latest film, Sucker Punch is almost all entirely green-screened and he's known for applying the latest tech to all of this films. So while the rumor is odd, it's not unbelievable. Let's just hope the whole thing doesn't wind up like Pandora, with splashes of the Kent family farm.