It Turns Out Cyclists Only Really Need Half a Bike To Get To Work

According to the folks at Kolelinia, cyclists are spending twice as much money as they need to on a bike. The company has just designed a more compact alternative called the Halfbike that looks like someone stripped away all the comfy bits from a real bike, leaving us with the cyclists' equivalent of a standing desk.


The Halfbike completely does away with a seat, and even handlebars, requiring riders to remain standing while they grasp a vertical shaft to help keep balanced. It's certainly an unorthodox design for a bike, but what you lose in comfort, you gain in portability and small form factor. Squeezing this into an elevator when you get to work would be no problem, and its more than light enough to easily carry up a flight of stairs.

Kolelinia is currently trying to raise $80,000 in funding on Kickstarter to put the Halfbike into production, and you can secure your own with a donation of $800. So it's not quite as cheap as most would expect it to be, but you're clearly paying a premium here for the coolness factor . [Halfbikes via designboom]

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