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Italian Traffic Lights Rigged to Trap Motorists in the Red

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

An Italian programmer and over 100 other individuals, including public figures, policemen, and government officials, are currently being investigated for what seems to be a traffic-light-rigging conspiracy.

Stefano Arrighetti, 45, the engineer in charge for programming the T-Redspeed system which is used throughout Italy, is being accused of rigging traffic lights to have shorter yellow lights, causing more motorists to inadvertently speed through red lights. Because the system uses three strategically placed cameras around the intersection, the T-Redspeed system was able to capture exact 3D placement of where the motorists' cars were the moment it illegally crosses through the intersection, instantly fining them with a €150 ticket.


The police uncovered this conspiracy after they noticed that the numbers of traffic-light violations had dramatically increased too much—1,439 for the last two months—in such a short period of time. After a little more digging, they found that 300 municipalities and other companies around Italy allegedly have been splitting the revenues amongst themselves made by these wrongfully issued tickets.

According to his lawyers, Arrighetti retains his innocence and is a "genius whom the world envies." He is currently under house arrest as this investigation is still pending. [Ars Technica]