iTMS Adding NHL Hockey, More NBC Programs

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As the NHL season heads into its 19th straight month of play, fans can now look forward to catching highlights of this year's playoff games on iTunes. Similar to the NBA before it, the NHL will be offering highlights of both conference finals as well as the finals proper via a "season pass" for $4.99 per series, or individual game highlights for $1.99 each.


Additionally, NBC announced that they'll be offering both iTunes-exclusive and non-exclusive programming to augment their iTMS presence. Viewers (or should they be called downloaders now?) will be able to watch great news-related shows like Time Capsule, where NBC talking head Brian Williams hosts episodes of past interviews with people such as President Kennedy. These programs cost $1.99 per episode, some of which are available right now, enabling you to get your daily General Electric-approved fix even from the office.


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