Apple Announces Deals With Fox, NBA

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Looks like the suits at Apple have been hard at work getting more and more content providers (what a terrible, Newspeak-sounding phrase that is) to embrace the iTunes Music Store. Deals were just announced with Fox and the NBA to bring their high quality programming to a computer near you. Fox will make available for $1.99 its big hit 24 along with Prison Break, The Shield and Firefly, among others from its numerous cable networks. The NBA will be making available full games and its post game analysis shows, such as Inside the NBA on TNT for this year's playoffs within 24 hours of the games' conclusions for $1.99 each. There's also a $9 team replay package that contains highlights of your favorite team's performance throughout the year. The NBA had made its content available on Google Video, but was only compatible with Windows. Now Mac users can join in on the fun of watching sports long after the game's completion. How exciting!

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