It's Apparently OK To Tweet While Driving... In a Nascar Race (Updated)

Many states are trying to curb cellphone use while driving, but Florida's not quite there yet, so Nascar driver Brad Keselowski was able to send a few tweets from the cockpit of his car during last night's Daytona 500.

The tweets, which include photos of the aftermath of Juan Pablo Montoya's unfortunate crash, were sent during slow caution laps, or during a two-hour break while the wreckage was being cleared from the track.


In a time when most professional sports leagues have banned tweeting during an event, Nascar is obviously turning a blind eye and unofficially encouraging it in an attempt to boost their social media presence. And if the 100,000 new followers Brad gained during and after the race are any indication, the stunt certainly worked. [Twitter via Yahoo Sports via The Verge]

Update: As many of you have pointed out in the comments, the race was under a red flag and Brad's vehicle was stopped while he snapped this photo. He was not juggling his phone and the steering wheel at the same time, which would have most likely been frowned upon by Nascar.

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