It's Official: Elena Is THE Villain Of The Vampire Diaries

It's been obvious for a couple years now: Everything bad on Vampire Diaries happens due to Elena Gilbert, the self-centered main character who nobody ever holds responsible for anything. But now the show isn't even trying to hide her villainy any more.


Spoilers ahead...

Basically, the plot of last night's episode boiled down to: Elena can't deal with her grief over the death of Damon (and oh yah, Bonnie, but who cares about Bonnie.) So she gets hooked on magical drugs that allow her to hallucinate talking to Damon, but which have the side effect of turning her into a very Damon-esque serial killer. (It's not clear how many people she actually kills, but it looks like the people at the start of the episode, at least, are toast.)

What kills me about the scene above is when Caroline is berating Elena for attacking innocent people, and Elena says it's all because she feels really, really bad about Damon and has been doing superdrugs to deal with it. And Caroline doesn't say the obvious thing in response: Sure, you feel bad about Damon. But that woman you nearly killed is a human being, and people would mourn her just as much if she died, and other people have feelings too.

Caroline doesn't say that, because the first rule of Vampire Diaries is that Elena's feelings come before anybody else's. And the second rule is that human life is basically worthless.

Oh, and the other characters are also going through stuff. Alaric is adjusting to being a vampire. Caroline is obsessed with undoing the "no magic in Mystic Falls" thing so the town can once again be a deathtrap. Tyler is having anger issues and is probably four episodes away from becoming a werewolf again. Stefan has gone off to some random town to become an auto mechanic, and actually seems pretty well-adjusted. But he broke his phone. Oh, and Damon and Bonnie are eating pancakes in Heaven.

But the other thing I want to say about this show is: I think its motor is on the fritz. The two things that used to keep Vampire Diaries humming along were: 1) The insanely fast-paced plotting, in which a new crazy thing happened approximately every four or five minutes. 2) The love triangle, which now seems to be kaput because Stefan honestly does not seem to care about Elena any more (for good reason) and the Elena-Damon romance was played out before he died.


Of course, this show has had slow, somewhat dull season openers in the past, only to ramp things up in the second episode. So there's always hope.

But Elena? There's no hope for. She's just evil, through and through.




The Vampire Diaries is Elena. People love her, people hate her, but she's the show. I'm one of those that don't particularly care for her, but I realize that it was decided, long ago, that this is Elena's story. I've been a fan of Julie Plec's stuff for a while now. She can write a script, that's for sure. But once she got popular and had 3 shows under her wing, TVD started to suffer.

Hope she spends a little more time with this one, I think it needs her pencil in motion again.