It's OK to Put Star Wars Toys on Your Desk When They're Fancy $2,000 Pens

Unless you work at a startup that’s trying desperately to be hip, adorning your desk with mountains of Star Wars toys probably isn’t encouraged. But when you pay over $2,000 for a fancy pen from S.T. Dupont Paris that just happens to look like a spaceship, you can display it wherever you want.


To celebrate/cash in on the return of Star Wars to theaters, S.T. Dupont Paris has created a series of themed writing instruments that now includes a pair of fountain pens resembling an X-wing and a TIE-Fighter when paired with each of their distinctive docks.

To help justify the $2,000+ price tag each pen is made using exotic materials like 14k gold and silver ceramium, and both are limited to just 1,977 pieces to help keep demand and value high. But you don’t have to scramble for your credit card to snatch one up before they’re all gone, because the average Star Wars fan would probably rather spend two grand on hundreds of action figures than a single pen. [Wheelers]

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