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It's Ridiculously Easy to Steal iPads from Walmart

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Californian Walmarts have got a problem on their hands, with a trio of thieves stealing iPads in a very simple ruse involving one man telling an assistant he wants to buy two iPads, which are then set aside for him under a counter.

As the story goes, he then pretends to browse other products, while a female accomplice then steals them from under the counter. She then passes them to a third member of their ring, who puts them in her handbag and walks out with them.


Confined to the Arcadia area of California, the group has apparently stolen $6,400 worth of iPads so far from Walmarts. Crime Stoppers is asking for information which could lead to their arrest, so if you know anything and fancy trying your luck at $1,000 reward money, ring 948-8477. [Daily World via CultofMac]