It's Too Late to Fly from This Flood

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Devastating flooding along the Mississippi River have left large swaths the delta states in drenched ruined. General DeWitt Spain Airport, right outside Memphis, is clearly in rough shape—as seen by this barely-visible airplane tip.

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Here's what the airport looks when not stricken by natural disaster. It's closed at the moment (to say the least), and the damage to the facility is likely irreparable. But airports are the least of it. Homes, schools, infrastructure—the structures of human lives have all been ruined.


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Memphis is NOT flooded. Certain small areas of the city are flooded.

I live in Memphis - that TINY airport is right next to the river. All the little areas flooded on this side of the Mississippi river are themselves, right next to either the MS or a river that feeds it.

Memphis itself is built on a bluff nearly a hundred feet above normal river stages which means that the city is still over 50 feet above the river. But you wouldn't know that watching Al Roker standing in his waders weeping over how bad the flooding is.

There are 4 shelters open in the county... 4. While I would never minimize the tragedy those families are going through, this is hardly a hurricane Katrina situation.