iTunes Replay: iTunes Video to Stream Anywhere

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There is no Apple Home Server that will beam your everything to any device yet, but AppleInsider says that the soon-to-be-finished iTunes Replay service will stream purchased iTunes videos anywhere, like Netflix.


iTunes Replay will stream TV shows and movies purchased on iTunes, so you wouldn't have to download them after purchasing, freeing up hard drive space. AppleInsider doesn't know if Apple's going to charge for the service, but charging for streaming video—especially video you've already paid for—would be weird.


AppleInsider isn't too clear on whether or not devices like Apple TV or the iPhone/iPod touch will be part iTunes Replay. Apple TV seems more practical for the time being than the iPhone, and it'd add a needed dimension to it.

No mention on a release date for it, just that it would be part of iTunes 8, so we're not looking at a whole new version of iTunes to get the service. [AI]

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If I'm going to pay Apple prices for video, I'm pretty sure I'm going to find the hard drive space to store it.