iWork 2010: Apple Brings Multitouch Cloud-based Office to iPad

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Just as we thought, iWork 2010 was announced today, and it's taking full advantage of the new iPad's capabilities, namely multitouch. It's the most exciting thing to happen to slide-based presentation software in decades.

The big update here is to Keynote, iWork's PowerPoint equivalent: Multitouch is actually a pretty great way to create and view slides. In iWork 2010's Keynote, you can drag, resize and move elements around on a slide, including photos and text, which is a natural way to do things. Animations and transitions are added from a list of pre-generated ones.


Next up is Pages, iWork's word processor. Without a hardware keyboard, word processing seems tricky, but there are definitely elements that can be improved with multitouch: Scroll through text, select text via touch, navigate through different pages, that kind of thing.

Now, Numbers, which (let's be honest here) is the party-starter of the group: Spreadsheets. The screen seems like a hindrance here, but having a constantly adapting calculator is kind of a cool idea. We'll see how usable it actually is, but it definitely addresses some of the square-pegged "it's not businessy enough!" iPhone haters. Also, it is about as pretty as a spreadsheets app could be.

And now we've officially got the prices and compatibility list. They're each $10 ($30 in total, in case you flunked second grade math), are compatible with the upcoming Mac versions as well as projectors (nice!) and will be available at the app store. [Apple iPad]


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Can someone tell me for sure, can you store files on this thing? Is there a local iDisk app or something where I can store files? Not cloud based but on the unit. I do traveling sales and love my iPhone but I would love to be able to pull up product brochures and show them to clients. However, cloud based iDisk doesn't work for me. Its my current bitch about the iphone. If I get an email, I just want to be able to save the file from the email. Like press to hold attachment, then "Save to iDisk"

That would be great!