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Jack White's newest interactive music video is three stories in one

Jack White's music video for his latest single That Black Bat Licorice is three videos in one. If you just hit play you'll see an animation of Jack White. If you hit "3" while the video is playing, you will get a live action version of the first one. And if you hit "B", a video of people headbanging like mad.


Each version has a different director. From the website:

James Blagden's animated video, Jack's live action video, or Brad Holland's headbang video.


Jack White is an American musician best known for his band The White Stripes. The 7" vinyl single for That Black Bat Licorice, is now available for pre-order. Orders will begin shipping no later than February 23rd. The digital single with corresponding B-side will be available worldwide on Tuesday, February 17th.

You can follow Jack White on Facebook, and on his website. And you can listen That Black Bat Licorice here.

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I liked the experience; I watched the animated version first, then rewatched flipping through the three versions quickly back and forth. So now I'll have that beat "ear worming" into my brain all day...