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James Cameron's True Lies Is Being Turned Into a TV Show

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The 1994 James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzengger, and Jamie Lee Curtis blockbuster hit True Lies may be coming back... to a TV screen near you.

Fox will attempt to turn the action film into a television show, with Cameron aboard to produce and McG, director of Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation, potentially directing the pilot. Prolific TV producer/writer Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Flashforward, Legends of Tomorrow) will write the first episode, which will offer a modern take on the movie’s story.


True Lies is about a seemingly mundane suburban family in which the wife (Curtis) and teenage daughter have no idea that the father (Schwarzenegger) is actually a super spy. By the end—spoilers—the wife character becomes a secret agent, too. If it wasn’t already a movie, the plot already sounds like a TV show. I’ve been a huge True Lies fan since it was first released and still quote some of its weirder moments (most of which involve Bill Paxton) regularly. I never considered it as anything but a movie, but this makes perfect sense; the whole thing just has a simple, adaptable structure. Plus, there’s tons of quirky side characters, action, spy-gadget stuff, and humor. It could almost be a sitcom, actually.

True Lies has a put-pilot deal with Fox, which means at least the first episode will make it on air (if the first episode gets made, of course). And for us True Lies fans, since we’ll never get a sequel, this sounds like the next best thing.


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