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James Comey Scheduled to Speak at Amazon Employee Event on Monday

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Photo: AP

Former FBI director James Comey is scheduled to speak at Amazon headquarters in Seattle on Monday. And so far, President Trump hasn’t tweeted about it. That will probably change once Fox News gets the memo.


First reported by The Intercept, Comey is scheduled to speak at 10am PT as part of a “fish bowl” event for employees. Amazon, just like other big tech companies, regularly invites noted artists, entertainers, and authors to give talks. But this one really is a perfect storm for President Trump’s anger.

Why will President Trump almost certainly tweet angrily about the event? Trump fired Comey back in May because the president wasn’t happy about the investigation into his regime’s possible collusion with the Russian government. And Comey’s newly released book, A Higher Loyalty, dishes the dirt on Trump’s mob boss mentality in the White House. The infamous Comey memos that detail his interactions with the president are splashed all over the news today.


But Trump isn’t just angry at Comey. The president has wallowed in a special hatred for Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos, repeatedly claiming that the company is crooked and taking advantage of the US Postal Service. President Trump even signed an executive order on April 12th to review USPS’s business practices in a move widely believed to be part of an attack on Amazon.

Bezos purchased the Washington Post back in 2013, a newspaper that has broken dozens of stories about the Trump regime’s corruption. And although Bezos purchased the paper as a private citizen and not under the umbrella of Amazon, Trump still sees Amazon and the newspaper as one in the same.

Comey will reportedly not be paid for his appearance at Amazon headquarters on Monday and representatives from the company have told political news site Axios that the event has “been scheduled for months.” But none of that will likely calm Trump’s rage as soon as he learns about the event. Again, he probably won’t hear about it until Fox News mentions the event. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Fox News, and specifically the morning show Fox & Friends, is the president’s primary source of information.


Gizmodo has reached out to Amazon to see how many employees will be in attendance at the event. We’ll update this post if we hear back. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on Trump’s Twitter so you don’t have to.

[The Intercept via Axios]

Update 8:35am: Amazon has declined to tell us how many employees they expect to attend the event , but note that they’ve hosted 35 different speakers so far this year, including the Governor of Ohio John Kasich as well as the two daughters of George W. Bush, Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush.


Matt Novak is the editor of Gizmodo's Paleofuture blog

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It’s kinda weird that Comey is doing the speech for free. On one hand it’s hilarious that he’s just actively trolling Trump now, but you’d think he’d be snatching up as many paying gigs as possible before everyone’s attention drifts elsewhere.